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Get out there. (On the web)

October 24th, 2009 by Dan

One of the number one suggestions Realtors get from business professionals and other Realtors is to “get out there”.  Visibility of your brand and the services you provide is true for not only Realtors but any business.  Being in the public eye through community events, advertisments, trade shows, networking events etc. is important.  The more you can do and the more people you can engage the better.

Now, as we all already know, there are a ton of people on the internet.  So, if your goal is to “get out there” and have your brand seen by as many people as possible, it would make perfect sense to “get out there” on the web!  There are so many ways to meet and engage people on the internet and it goes way beyond and old and boring static webpage.  If you haven’t already started to use social websites and tools like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and perhaps most important a blog, now is the time!

What we suggest…

Don’t hestiate to give it all a try.  Twitter and Facebook are quite possibly some of the easiest tools to use to promote yourself and ultimately your brand.  Most importantly, they are free to start using!  You need to find what works for you and what you are going to be commited to using.  The best thing to do is start!  Learn how to use these tools by simply using them.  Learn from your mistakes as you begin and soon you will be a social media/marketing pro!

Don’t continue to hope people are seeing your static website.  Engage your current and future customers not only where they are in town but also where they are on the web.  The relationships you build on the internet are just as powerful as those you build in-person.

Get out there today, on the web!

Debut Designs is Blogging!

October 24th, 2009 by Dan

We are blogging!

It wouldn’t make sense for Debut Designs to be helping others blog without us blogging ourselves now would it!?!?  That being said, we are very excited to start blogging here at We are also very excited to be sharing our thoughts, ideas and news regarding social media, blogging and web applications.

Who is this blog for?

Anyone who is interested in learning about social media and blogs and how those tools can help Realtors and other industry professionals generate leads and use the internet to succeed.

What to expect?

Debut Designs being a web design and social media company is focused on helping you succeed using the web as a tool.  It is through this blog that we intend to engage you, have you learn from us and similarly have us learn from you!

We need your help!

Please don’t hesitate to engage us through comments and e-mails regarding what is posted here.  Also, if you are interested in a web service or a new social networking tool but don’t have the time to look into it, send it our way and we will look into it for you.  We hope that we can help you spend more time doing your job and have us spend our time finding new tools and services that help you do your job more efficiently.

We hope you enjoy this blog and we hope that we can help you start using the web as an effective tool!