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Widget, but not too much – Avoid widget overload

July 9th, 2011 by Dan

It has become an overwhelming and misguided trend to find as many widgets and plugins possible and find as many places to put them on your blog and website. Misguided is certainly the right word and I know that is the case when I see three different types of Facebook widgets on some people’s blogs that share the exact same information in a slightly different format. I personally don’t need to see how many people “Like” your page three different times.

There are some widgets that I love and often they offer value to blogs and websites across the web. I think it simply becomes a problem when you run out of places to put them on a site and are forced to squeeze them in one way or another. When deciding what widgets to add to your blog/site, take a minute, decide what the true value of adding that information to your site is, how your visitors will use it and ultimately if your visitors themselves will see value.

To widget or not to widget, that is the question.

Your website = you | Give the right first-impression

June 15th, 2010 by Dan

For those who remain unaware, your website is a representation of you and your business. Just as with any other form of marketing collateral, your website should demonstrate the same professionalism, personality and attitude of your business. Although it seems like business owners are finally getting this through their heads, there is still a ways to go in many industries.

In our opinion (and experience), some of the most out-dated websites come from the restaurant, real estate and local shop industries. For years we’ve noticed this and have heard a tremendous list of excuses from business owners. Our general rule of thumb is that if your website fits any of the following criteria, it is time for an updated look!

1) My website has photos/images that are stretched or skewed in width/height.

2) There is an animated mailbox character jumping around asking people to “E-mail Us” on the bottom of my homepage.

3) There is a marquee scrolling across the top of my homepage explaining the services and specials my business offers.

4) There is a counter for how many people have visited my website at the bottom of my pages.

5) The bottom of my website has a horizontal scroll bar for no reason whatsoever.

6) My site has soothing background music that begins immediately upon page-load.

7) My site has remnants of Clip Art and Word Art strewed about.

8) There is a guestbook available for all visitors of my website to sign.

9) Blinking text effects are featured.

10) My website doesn’t link to any social sites (i.e. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc.)

So, take a look at your website and decide whether or not it needs an update. Does your site represent you and your business? Are your latest services and products featured? Do you feel that potential customers visiting your site will have the right first-impression of your business?

If your site does fit one or all of the criteria above, it isn’t too late! An investment in a website is one of the greatest investments you can make in your business. More and more businesses are seeing customers at their website before a phone call or visit to their office or store. Make a decision today to impress your potential customers and give your website the attention it deserves and have it drive business for you.

kuler.adobe | Find a color scheme (or theme) that works for you

November 8th, 2009 by Justin

kuler is a great user generated color scheme site. Users can submit color schemes, and other users decide just how good it is. This is good news for someone having a bit of trouble figuring out what colors they should use for a website, logo, flyer, etc.

I’m of the belief that colors can make or break a great design. Kuler.adobe won’t pick the colors that will work best for every situation, but it does make for a good starting point.