Reasons Why You Need a Wedding Website

Okay, there are going to be some that agree and some that flat out disagree with this. Honestly, I personally thought it was weird when we got our first request to put a wedding website together for a client but quickly began realizing the benefits. Sure, how much communication and information do your guests need outside of “show up, get tipsy and dance” but think of how much of a hassle phone calls, e-mail, Facebook messages etc. would be just days before your big day. Much much better to have it all in one place for people to reference whenever they’d like. Also, think of how appreciative your wedding party and family members might be to have a little behind-the-scenes look into the planning process. A website with a major focus on blog-like functionality is perfect for any bride-to-be. Here are a few reasons we think you’d be happy to consider having a website for your wedding.

  1. Sure, most people know you enough to have been invited to your wedding, but how many of them know your partner or how you met? Using a website/blog to tell these kinds of stories is going to be fun for you, entertaining for your guests and gives everyone an opportunity to learn a bit more about you TWO as the lovely couple. You each can write a little bio about each other, how you ended up where you are today etc. etc.
  2. Your registry! You’re bound to get a ton of e-mails and questions about your wedding registry. “Where are you registered?” over and over again. Of course you might include information like this in your invitations but in this digital age we live, how many people are likely to be hanging onto that? With your website you can not only provide information on where you are registered but link people directly to it as well!
  3. Regarding that whole “living in the digital age” thing, how convenient would it be for your guests to include directions to your ceremony and reception as well as any pertinent notes like parking information and maps all in one place on your site.
  4. Pictures! There are going to be a ton of these and you probably even have a bunch of you two already. Share those with your guests on your website. Let’s be fair, not EVERYONE you’re inviting, especially your older guests have Facebook but most have access to the internet and can get to your website. Between past photos, engagement photos and what will appear to be the never-ending wedding photos, this is a great place to be sharing them all before and after the big day.
  5. Guests of your partner may not know you and guests of you might not know them but even if that isn’t true, many of your guests probably don’t know your wedding party. Use your website to introduce these folks and let your guests know how important they are to you and your partner. It will make them feel special at the very least!

At the end of the day, we feel a website for any upcoming wedding and bride-to-be is perfect and have included it as one of the examples for our One-Day Website service. The last thing any bride-t0-be needs is a drawn out design process that takes up too much time. With our One-Day Websites you avoid all the hassles and can have a beautiful website up and running in just one day. Learn all about it here!



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